Work with us to commission a bespoke piece for you or a loved one. Whether it's a beautiful engagement ring, an eternity ring or a timeless tennis bracelet, we work with each customer to create a truly unique piece. 

Ivy Jewellers Hatton Garden Bespoke Engagement Rings London

Our curated designs combine classic and modern inspiration, each embracing those all-important personal touches and ethical sourcing.  

Hatton Garden Bespoke Diamond Jewellery Design

"The entire process at Ivy Jewellers involves you completely in the creation of a piece which is yours and yours alone, from exchanging initial ideas and inspiration to the selection of the precious stones, right through to the tiniest detail of the final ring. His knowledge of gems is exceptional; as well as finding you an extraordinary diamond (or sapphire, or emerald), Victor understands exactly how to release its brilliance through meticulous design and craftsmanship."

Hatton Garden Bespoke Diamond Jewellery Design

Hatton Garden Bespoke Jewellery Design

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